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How to eat hot pot meat healthily


How happy it is to eat  hot pot! It's all kinds of meat to eat hot pot, so many people will regret it because they have eaten a lot of meat. Will you be fat? Now you do not have to worry about, the following Xiao Bian will call you to eat hot pot to lose weight in the eight tricks:



Meat foods have always been important ingredients in diet weight loss, and should be carefully selected when eating hot pots. There are also considerable differences in calories at different sites and whether or not fats are removed. For example, thigh meat, after removing the fat is 148 cards per 100 grams, but if the fat more calories up to 386 cards, the situation is very different! Although the more lipid-rich meat can make the soup thicker, but the relative heat It is also very high.

We should try to avoid pork when we eat hot pot, because the fat and lean components are almost equal, that is, heat and fat content will be high. Tenderloin and thigh meat can effectively inhibit calorie intake. If fat is attached to the meat, it is also removed as far as possible, especially the tenderloin. If you remove the fat, the calories per 100 grams is only 60 calories.


Whether the chicken is peeled or not, there is a difference of 100 calories before and after the heat! Although the chicken skin contains a large amount of collagen, it has the effect of beauty and beauty, but for weight loss, the calorie and fat content of the chicken skin can be said to be a more terrifying killer. Many people like to use chicken thigh meat to make hot pot. In fact, the protein content of chicken breast is the most abundant, and the fat content is also the least. Therefore, many people suggest that you should eat more chicken breast meat when you lose weight. However, if the chicken breast is heated for too long, it will make the meat hard, so be careful when eating hot pot.

fried tofu

Tofu is an indispensable ingredient for weight loss, and contains only 72 calories per 100 grams. Various fried soy products made from tofu can be made from raw materials, such as fried tofu. After the frying treatment, the calories turn up several times, up to 386 calories. That is, a piece of fried tofu is about 25 grams, and it is already close to 100 calories. Therefore, do not think that fried bean curd is a product of soybeans, and some soy products such as soybean milk, tofu, and natto are all very weight-reducing foods, but after frying, they absorb oil and calories, and the calories are greatly upgraded. When eating hot pot, it is necessary to control the intake of fried foods.


Recently, there are many new hot pot styles, curry hot pot is one of them, there are many curry products, block, powder, paste, etc., can be easily purchased in supermarkets. We also know that curry can have a certain effect on weight loss, but if you use curry or curry sauce to make hot pot soup base directly, the calories will be very high, calculated as 20-25 grams each, with about 100-125 calories. The main reason is that 35% of curry and curry sauce are lipids. Therefore, if you want to eat curry, choose curry powder in the deployment of soup, weight loss can be shown.

Do not eat too much staple food

1 bowl of rice is about 150 kcal of calories, 1 calorie of sesame seeds will exceed 120 kcal, and udon noodles will have about 200 kcal of calories per person. Therefore, eat as much vegetables as possible and avoid eating staple foods to control caloric intake.

Can put tofu and clear water

Keep calories, chicken skins, fat pork, etc. not to eat. At the same time 1 tablespoon sesame oil contains 30 ~ 40kcal heat, it is recommended to use vinegar instead of such spices.

Food order should pay attention

It is best to drink half a glass of fresh juice before eating, then vegetables and then meat. In this way, it is possible to rationally use the nutrition of food, reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines, and achieve the purpose of a healthy diet.

Remediate in time

The most basic thing is that if you really do not hold back your appetite and eat a hot pot with a large amount of fat and heat, then it must be remedied in time to do simple exercise, or the next day's diet is mainly based on vegetables. Clears the intestines thoroughly and consumes the long-lost fat.

The above is the eight strokes that Xiao Bian has introduced for you in detail. It is inevitable to eat hot pot in winter, but we must eat healthy. Hotpot can be full, overdose will lead to obesity!

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