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Eat hot pot the best first two foods


It is a great pleasure for friends and relatives to sit around and eat hot steaming hot pots. Did you know that what kind of ingredients to eat in hotpots is also a science?

Eat hot pot first serve two food

Many people eat mutton when eating hot pot, then seafood, vegetables, and finally eat some potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. In fact, this order is not the best choice. From a health point of view, eating hotpots should be followed by a simmering, and it is best to simmer potatoes and sweet potatoes. This is because potatoes and sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch, and both "main food" and "vegetables" have the same characteristics. Eating starchy foods while cooking meat can protect the stomach on the one hand, because the general taste of hot pot is more irritating, will hurt the stomach, while the rich starch in potatoes and sweet potatoes can form mucosa in the stomach and intestines to protect the stomach from harm. On the other hand, eating starchy foods first can increase satiety, reduce the amount of meat and seafood, and at the same time avoid the waste of protein that comes from eating meat first. Potatoes and sweet potatoes also contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which can reduce the body's absorption of fat and cholesterol. In addition, the vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. in potatoes and sweet potatoes are slightly better than traditional crispy biscuits and multi-grain noodles. Therefore, replacing the traditional staple food with potatoes and sweet potatoes can make the body more nutritious.

In addition to the order of eating, sauce selection also relates to dietary health. If there are more seafood dishes in the shabu-shabu, the sauce will try not to choose seafood flavour so as not to cause excessive purine. The sesame oil has a high fat content and is not suitable for people with high blood lipids. The sesame sauce is more suitable for gastrointestinal bad people. In the common sauces in the south, the salt content in chilli sauce and bean paste is high, and the crowd of people with hypertension is not suitable. It is recommended to use vinegar, onion, ginger, and garlic to mix the seasoning instead.

Clear soup Hot pot

Air circulation when eating hot pot

If you use a charcoal oven to cook pots, you should be careful, be sure to open the windows to allow air to circulate; air does not circulate, the room is deficient in oxygen, charcoal burns, and large amounts of carbon monoxide are produced. This can easily poison people and cause carbon dioxide poisoning. Often difficult to find, because at the same time to drink alcohol when eating hot pot, the symptoms of poisoning as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and headache mistakenly drunk, severe poisoning, will occur coma, blood pressure drop and cherry red lips, etc., so if used Please pay attention to the indoor ventilation when burning the hot pot in the charcoal stove.

Do not drink hot pot soup after eating

Many people like to drink hot pot soup, said very strong taste, but also the essence; in fact, it is better to eat less, because the majority of hot pot is based on meat, vegetables, mushrooms and seafood, these food materials are cooked together After the soup, produce highly concentrated substances, enter the digestive decomposition of the stomach, after the metabolism of uric acid produced by the liver, can reduce renal function, excretion blocked, will cause excessive uric acid deposition in the blood and tissues, causing gout , so when eating hot pot should drink more water in order to facilitate the discharge of uric acid.

When eating hot pot, meat must be cooked carefully to eat hot pot, often pursuing tender and delicious, just cooked or half-cooked to eat; in the burning of meat, it should be cooked until cooked to eat, to prevent the presence of parasites in meat . Some parasites, such as Trichinella, are parasitic on pigs, cattle, sheep and dogs. If they eat, they will enter the body and enter the bloodstream, causing physical discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and high fever, especially on the feet and The stomach will be painful and the exercise will be inflexible. If you enter the brain, you will have meningitis, which is dangerous to your life.

Do not eat too hot food

People's mouth, esophagus, and gastric mucosa generally tolerate temperatures of 50°C to 60°C, too hot foods can damage the mucous membranes, leading to acute esophagitis and acute gastritis. Therefore, when you remove the scalding food from the pan, it is best to put it on a small dish and let it cool before eating.

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